November 19


12:00 pm — 1:15 pm

Unit H
26055 Emery Rd.
Warrensville Hts.


Cheryl Gordon, MAT-MSJS, an enthusiastic Jewish educator, returns to guide us in Jewish learning in ways you’ve never heard before. Bring your lunch. All six sessions are on Tuesdays. FOR INFORMATION ON ALL UPCOMING SESSIONS, CLICK HERE.


December 17

I Don’t Get Why They do That

We have all heard of Jewish practices that are so different from our own that we’re mystified and even turned off. Worse, a lack of understanding might make us feel really uncomfortable and undereducated.  Let’s talk about and explain, in a non-judgmental way, the things we’ve observed and heard about that are so different from our own ways of being Jewish that they truly need clarification.


January 28

Coping in These Times

Many of us are on media overload these days and there seems to be no escape.  The combative and divisive environment doesn’t help.  Our ancestors had a lot of stress too and they were well-served by the wisdom of our sages.  Surprise! If you know where to look, you will find great guidance in our traditional texts on how to better manage our negativity and challenges.  Not saying it’s going to be easy, but it can be better.


February 25

I’m doing my best.  Is that good enough?

Meet Mussar, a Jewish ethical/spiritual practice that provides concrete instructions on how to live a fulfilled life. Though these writings and this practice have existed for over a thousand years, Mussar was only formalized in the 19th century and has really come into its own in the past fifteen years.  We’ll examine what it advises about friendships, humility, finding balance in life, and more.  Students who don’t love the technicalities of Jewish law do love this uplifting and practical guidance.


March 31

The Mitzvot of Jewish Activism

We should all know the Jewish foundational underpinnings of NCJW–the Jewish textual bases for activism.  For many decades, the Washington Institute for Jewish Leadership prepared Jewish citizens to go lobby on the Hill by teaching The Jewish Values Matrix, an invaluable tool prepared by Rabbi Sid Schwartz that is ever so relevant to our work.  We’re going to delve into the authentic origins of Jewish activism at the core of who we are and what we do.


April 28

Israel, It’s Complicated

“I’m confused. I’m angry and I can’t believe what’s happening in Israel.” If you’ve felt this way from what you have read and heard about Israel, please attend this session Let’s try to get some clarity, perspective, and facts vis a vis the political system, bribes and deals, human rights, women, religion, pluralism, etc.   Come hear some Israeli perspectives and learn what’s real and what’s not.   Maybe you’ll feel better when you leave.


Bonus session

Date: TBD

How to Write an Ethical Will