NCJW Event

11:00 am

Beechmont Country Club


Wednesday, February 7

Beechmont Country Club (29600 Chagrin Blvd.)

11:00 AM Doors Open

11:30 AM: Luncheon and Presentation

Silent Action Open During event

Presentation of the Emerging Leader Awards

Grab your handbag and join us for a fashionable luncheon. Expert authenticator Pierce Morgan will talk about the true craftsmanship behind luxury goods and the hidden stories behind each seam and stitch. Learn about the price society pays for designer “fakes” and how to spot counterfeit items.

If you have a handbag you would like to have authenticated, please bring just one. Pierce will be happy to examine one per attendee and can share the history behind each stitch and seam. 

An Opportunity to Donate Gently-Used Items to Thriftique Showroom and Designer Dress Days

NCJW/CLE depends on community donations to keep our retail store stocked and our programs running! For your convenience, the Thriftique Showroom truck will be parked outside the event (from 10:30 – 11:30) for easy donating of your gently-used clothing, accessories and home goods. We can help get them out of your car and loaded on the truck (we all know we have had bags in our trunks waiting to be dropped off!)


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