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12:00 pm



Dates: Tuesday, June 11

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Location: Zoom option

Many of you participated in our very successful 2020 and 2022 Vote Forward campaigns, helping NCJW/CLE send handwritten letters to nearly 5,000 low frequency voters. We can proudly take some credit for record breaking voter turnout and increased participation.  This year couldn’t be more important to get people out to vote! We hope you’ll join us again or for the first time in trying to persuade thousands of registered voters to exercise their right to vote.

Our June 11 training session will tell you everything you need to know about Vote Forward and what you need to do to participate in this highly effective get out the vote campaign. We’ll record the session to share with anyone that is unable to attend, and we’re both available by phone or email to answer your questions.  The session is scheduled for an hour; however, the actual presentation will last approximately 30 minutes, and then we will stay on the call to answer any questions some of you might have. Even if you’re a veteran Vote Forward letter writer and know all the nuts and bolts—we’d love to have you join one of the sessions to share your ideas and suggestions for writing simple but persuasive letters.

During this session, we will:
– Provide some background on this national organization, including the focus of its outreach and approach.
– Share some interesting data and research findings that guide this campaign.
– Go over the process for setting up an account and selecting your voters.
– Review details on printing, envelopes, postage, and how to get ready for the “Big Send” mailing date. (As soon as October 1st but no later than October 29th).

If you already have an account from 2022 (you won’t need to create a new account for 2024), or you’re just anxious to set up your account and get started—you are welcome to visit our section’s Vote Forward resource center and portal.  You can start writing letters at any time—just be sure not to mail anything yet!! As we said above, you can mail them anytime between October 1st and 29th.  Here is the link to
the NCJW Vote Forward Resource Center
ncjw-vote-forward/ and the link to the Cleveland Section Vote Forward


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