Social Justice & Advocacy

NCJW/CLE advances social change through a faith-based Jewish lens bringing together activists across generations. We confront today’s most urgent social challenges and amplify the voices of those without a microphone.

Our work – whether working to ensure reproductive rights, advocating for safe and fair elections or standing with our allies to defeat racism and antisemitism – is vital to fulfilling our mission of improving the lives of women, children and families and safeguarding individual rights and liberties.

Family and Sexual Violence Committee: Created by NCJW/CLE in January 2020, this committee works to combat oppression, discrimination and bias related to gender (as identified or perceived) and/or familial relationships.  The committee reflects NCJW/CLE’s belief that all people are entitled to safety and dignity and recognizes these values as integral to the foundations of our families and communities.

Focus on Foster Care: From the distress of displacement from home to home and the uncertainties awaiting those aging out of foster care, these young people need all the support that adults can provide. NCJW has continuous projects aimed at supporting these youth at every stage and every age, including self-esteem workshops (helps foster kids gain confidence), Mentoring Groups (following a model for youth who have aged out of foster care) and holiday programming (activities for young people on college break, who may not have a home to go back to” ).

Human Trafficking: NCJW/Cleveland provides educational and supportive services to help prevent human trafficking in the county and advocates on behalf of trafficking survivors. NCJW elevates its involvement in fighting this crime to a high-priority initiative, both locally and nationally. The intent is to educate the community on the issue, to advocate for laws that protect victims and hold offenders accountable.

Reducing Gun Violence Programs: NCJW members join millions of people nationwide who march the streets to protest acts of gun violence and were one of the earliest supporters of Ohioans for Gun Safety’s push to put a background check for gun safety on the state ballot.

TLC Project: Victims of sexual assault who come to the emergency room for medical care find that all their clothing is taken by specially trained nurses for evidence. This program provides bags filled with brand new clothing including underwear, socks, shirts, pants, flip-flops and toiletries for victims of sexual assault. The bags and its contents are sized so that the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) only has to take the correct, color-coded sized bag and give it to the victim rather than trying to assemble clothing from a hodge-podge of donations for these women to wear home from the hospital.

Reproductive Rights and Health: NCJW’s focus extends from infant mortality and sex education to sexual violence and abortion rights/access. Among other issues, the committee advocates for legislation that promotes women and children’s health, and provides care packages to sexual assault survivors at local hospitals.

Understanding the Issues: A series and forum for members to listen to and interact with local experts on timely news topics.