TAKE ACTION: Vote Forward Campaign

We are so excited to launch NCJW/CLE’s Vote Forward Campaign.

What is Vote Forward? 

Vote Forward is a nonprofit organization that empowers grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities to vote, by writing and sending them letters. These letters have been proven to boost voter turnout and continue to be an effective way to help get out the vote.

How it works:

You can write letters from the comfort of your home or we can get together for an evening of letter writing, wine and cheese. If you need a refresher on how to do this please reach out to either one of us and we can answer any questions you might have. We also have an easy to follow PowerPoint that we can send.

 Email to get involved:

Send an email with the Subject Line: “Vote Forward: Opt In” to either Cynthia Tancer cynthialtancer@gmail.com or Wendie Forman forman4wendie@gmail.com to let us know you are willing to write letters.

We are starting small with a goal of 1,000 voters adopted by the end of July, however we don’t mail letters until October so we have lots of time to write them.