NCJW Reacts to Independence Day Gun Violence

WASHINGTON — After the weekend’s massacre in Highland Park, IL, and other shooting incidents, National Council of Jewish Women CEO Sheila Katz released the following statement:

Once again, our country is touched by gun violence. We don’t yet know the true motives behind the Independence Day shooting in Highland Park, IL. But every indication is that hate was a driving factor. That hate, combined with easy access to guns, once again results in tragedy.

Yesterday was a day of unimaginable tragedy for a specific community, but as a nation, we seem resigned to allowing this to keep happening. We barely get over the shock of one mass shooting before the next occurs. And, that does not even cover the countless acts of gun violence that happen every day and barely register in our national consciousness. Even yesterday, as we were just beginning to process the Highland Park shooting, another shooting in Philadelphia marred the holiday weekend.

This can’t continue. The recent legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president is a modest step forward, and we hope it will save lives. But it’s not enough. People will continue to die unless we find a radically different approach.

There are steps like universal background checks that have broad public support that Congress can implement now. And we must consider an assault weapon ban that takes a gun that has no place in the general public out of the reach of those seeking to do harm.

May the memories of all the lives lost yesterday within the Jewish community and beyond be a blessing.

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